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Diana Hoare 

Diana trained as a calligrapher with various eminent calligraphers and worked freelance on projects such as family trees and decorative historic maps.

This led to a commission from Peter Dominic to illustrate a wine guide with 37 decorative maps of wine growing areas of the world.

A large scale calligraphy commission from the West Midlands Arts led to the production of large interpretive panels for the music of Stockhausens Sternklang which was performed in Birmingham.

Diana had always had an ambition to carve stone. The death of her second child acted as a catalyst for her to learn the skills required to carve him a gravestone.

Having reached a professional standard as a calligrapher, starting a new journey with tools, materials and techniques so different to those of lettering on vellum and paper, was daunting. Diana persevered and spent the next twenty years primarily carving stone.

Her designs were for architectural purposes and included large scale projects for business park signage and public art projects for example at Bescott Station.

Diana’s work with bereaved people led her to seek training and ordination as an Anglican priest.  She supported herself and her five children through the training by working as a letter carver and sculptor. She has been an ordained priest since 2005.

Alongside her ministry as a parish priest, Diana has returned to creative work in calligraphy.

Her latest projects explore faith in ways that speak to our current secular word. The  mandalas, or spiritual journeys explore our environment  as a God given, precious, sacred resource.

They reflect up in this subject in a way that makes it available and relevant to the reflection of all who come to see them. 

Booklets explaining the work and offering meditations, cards and posters of the work are available at the Gallery in St Davids.

St Davids itself is the home of the famous cathedral. It is an historic destination for pilgrimage. Set in the beautiful, rugged landscape of the National Park it offers a wonderful location where the land meets the sea in the far West of Britain.

It is a “thin” place, infused with light and glory whilst bearing the brunt of wild winter gales. It is a source of inspiration and peace for all who seek a divine dimension to their hectic, secular, modern lives. Please do come and visit, either to view the art work or to book a place on a retreat or Quiet day.