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Diana Hoare is a lettering artist in stone and on paper.

Her latest calligraphic works, using vibrant watercolours and gold leaf, are inspired by manuscripts of the early Celtic church & informed by the land and seascapes of her home in St Davids, Pembrokeshire.

 The largest versions of these works are being exhibited in Cathedrals.

A handbook of the pieces, and greetings cards of the pieces are available. 

Quiet Days and Retreats

Quiet mornings & Quiet Days are held on a variety of themes which combine art and spirituality with contemplative prayer and meditation. Stone carving and sculpture are set in the garden overlooking the sweeping view from St Davids to the mountain of Carn Lliddi.

The Gallery houses the seven large pieces in gold leaf, lettering and painting which explore the sacred nature of our environment. They are based on the theme “The Divine is in everything and everything is Divine” Each piece “maps” a spiritual journey through the wonders of our natural world whilst holding this in tension with the presence of the Divine.

Quiet Days and Retreats are offered from the Gallery and Sculpture garden at 73 Nun St, St Davids, SA62 6NU

Creation and Recreation

‘God is all and in all.’

‘One God and Father of all who is over all and through all and in all.’

Ephesians 4 : 6

 To say ‘God is all’ is not ‘Pantheism’: the objectifying and making nature into Gods to be worshipped.

”It is, rather, ‘Panentheism’: the realisation that God is in everything and everything is in God.

The Turning Wheel

Creation and recreation, birth and death – the wheel of life is constantly turning. The turning of minutes into hours, hours into days, days into months and months into years.

Our lives are lived in the context of our turning world and the seasons of the year which describes our existence on this earth. We exist in the context of our solar system, our galaxy, our universe.

As we contemplate this bigger picture, the concept of eternal life, of creation and recreation, becomes a more vivid possibility. You cannot destroy energy, you can only transform it.

The turning of the wheel of life, the interconnected web of all being, is a process of constant transformation, from birth, through life, to death. The Divine is shot through it all. The soul longs and yearns for union with the Divine. All humanity has a spirit which is looking for connection with the Divine whether we are conscious of that reality or not.

Every aspect of our environment is sacred. The landscapes, the plant life, the animal life, all are shot through with a sacred connection with one another and with the Divine.

Our humanity can choose the values of compassion, peace, connection through love, respect and care for our environment.  


Or we can choose to see the earth as an inert lump of rock clothed with vegetation which is there for us to exploit and pollute at will, allowing free rein to our greed. vested interest and stupidity.

As we ignore the interconnected web of the existence of all that is. the very fabric of our Home Planet, our Mother Earth, we ignore the reality of our destructive power and greed. To become aware of the sanctity of our Creatn, is to treat it with the reverence and awe which it should command from us. As we become aware of the holiness of every aspect of creation, it should encourage us to find creative sustainable solutions for the generation of energy and the control of pollution and the preservation of our precious environment.
These pieces are a celebration of the various aspects of the creation of complex life which exists all around us and provides us with our life supports systems. They explore landscapes, plant life. and animal life. They depict the transformation from the darkness of the absence of God, through the choice of standing turned away from the glory, to the dance of the mystical union of matter and spirit in the Oneness of all being. They offer a vision which encourages us to see the Creation of our environment as the miraculous sacred thing that it is.This journey of spiritual exploration can inspire in us the spiritual fruits which we need to have the wisdom and courage to take decisions to preserve the future of the environment of our planet for generations to come.
As we enter upon the journey of these pieces, our breath becomes key. Our physical bodies breathe in a physical world. As we move through the physical and into the spiritual dimension, so our breath can lead us. The Breath of the Spirit can fill us with inspiration as we breathe in the breath of the Spirit.